My School Year Book; all your school memories in an easy keepsake


My School Year Book offers the opportunity to preserve all your child’s school memories in a lovely keepsake.


The My School Year Book is an A3 Spiral Bound Hardcover book with a dedicated twin page section for each year at school. Each year page allows you to add a class photo and a photo of your child. There are questions to answer about that year and one of the pages opens to store your child’s artwork and other important memories.


The School Year Books offers a long-lasting keepsake that goes above and beyond keeping the photos in an album, as you can add additional information about friends, likes and special events/concerts along with what your child enjoyed at school. I like this idea, as most of the information will eventually be forgotten if not noted down at the time. Depending on your preference, either you can add the information yourself, or give the book to your child to add/decorate as they like. I like having your child do it (once they can write) so that you can see their writing style change over time.


In comparison to other School Memory Books, I prefer the questions within My School Year Book as they allowed for more in-depth answers around friends, activities and concerts etc. The My School Year Book includes 2 addition pages (years) for those who wish to include pre-school years.  As we didn’t need this; we were careful to count backwards from the final year of High School to ensure we had them in the correct order. As the pages are spiral bound, these additional pages are not problem as you can take them out without any issue and if you would like them, they are there…



When adding art work into the book, A4 pages will fit in perfectly and A3 will too, once folded in half. I like the idea of getting your child to pick their top 5 pieces of artwork to include in the book as this also helps with the Storage of School artwork and to minimise the number of items you need to keep within the house. A great space saving solution.


Overall, the My School Year Book offers a great way to store your school artwork and memories. I believe that these memories are precious and like how this offers a simple solution that is very cost effective as it lasts for their entire school life.


RRP: $49.95 – get 10% off by entering code MUMS10

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