Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB cream


A quick and easy foundation that offers 5 benefits saving s busy mums time and effort – something I am always interested in. It utilises essential nutrients and repairing ingredients to achieve the following 5 benefits:

·         Balance and correct your skin tone

·         Brighten skin

·         Calm and Soothe skin

·         Reduce redness &

·         Reduce pigmentation

The Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB cream rubs in smoothly and I never had a problem with lines or areas that weren’t as well covered as others. The benefits provided by the BB cream with calming and soothing skin along with reducing redness and pigmentation are ideal for mums as we will often have days where lack of sleep or outdoor activities could adversely affect our image.

The Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB cream is fragrance & Paraben free and dermatologically tested.

RRP: $24.95

Review written by Lorraine Salvi. Owner and Founder of MumsDelivery – providing solutions for Busy Mums with an all inclusive website featuring an online market for mums, a home delivery directory, product reviews, competitions and more.


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