How To Make The Most Out Of Your Daily Routine


Modern life is moving faster than ever and as individuals we are constantly plagued with important decisions to make and tasks to complete.

Many people work 9-5 or even longer hours every day, and on top of that they have to deal with household chores and  the agonising choice what to make for dinner when they get home.

The reality is that we spend far too much time making decisions and trying to figure out how to get through our daily tasks. This makes it hard for us to accomplish all the tasks we want to within a day and limits our free time. According to the diet choices detox by HelloFresh, 42% of Australians say they would use any time saved to exercise more often, while 32% would take up a hobby.

The need to consider and plan for every aspect of our lives is limiting what we can accomplish overall. Time that could get put towards learning something new or getting exercise in is wasted by daily inefficiencies.

But by making smarter decisions and planning ahead, it’s possible to reduce the time we waste. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your daily routine!

Use a planner

Being organised is the obvious key to being more efficient and making more time in your day. Being on top of everything and planning out what tasks or activities are in a day is a no-brainer when you have several things you need to get done.

Once you forget about a certain task or responsibility, it can be extremely time-consuming to make amends in the future. Whether it’s the calendar on your phone or a physical planner, these tools make it easier for you to find free time in-between essential errands.

Listing out all your tasks will help you to consider how you can do them in a more efficient manner, for example; through efficient multitasking or by creating a logical order for your tasks.

Try a food subscription plan

Some of the most time-consuming decisions we make on a daily basis revolve around food and what we should eat. Considering that most of us are consuming three meals a day, it makes sense that decisions and around food occupy a big section of our minds.

With our busy lives, we often resort to eating out or ordering takeout. But a new trend is becoming popular – food subscription boxes send meal plans and a box of ingredients needed to make them straight to your door. They’re easily customisable and allow you to enjoy all the best bits of cooking a homer dinner without all of the time-consuming grocery shopping and portioning.

Take care of your health and well-being

Taking care of your health is an important part of maximising your daily routine. Your mind functions much better when your body is healthy and full of energy.

This includes getting an adequate amount of sleep, exercising regularly, and eating healthily, all of which are linked to having more physical and mental energy.

Failing to eat a balanced diet or get enough sleep can affect your mental fitness, which can in turn affect your ability to complete tasks and stay on top of all your responsibilities. The healthier and more energetic you feel, the more you can get out of your daily routine.

Establish a good daily routine so that you wake up every day feeling motivated and focused on the challenges that lay ahead of you. Maintaining your health means still having energy to go to the gym or walk the dog after coming home from a long day at work.

Think ahead

Consider all the little decisions you make each day and think about how you can start simplifying them. For a lot of routine tasks, the time you spend on them can be cut down simply by planning ahead. For example; the clothes you wear or what you pack for lunch.

You can easily cut down on the time spent making these decisions by considering them in advance. For example, choosing your outfits at the start of every week will be more efficient than rummaging in your closet every morning.

Similarly, you can decide what you are going to be eating at the start of the week. This will make it easier to decide what to buy at the supermarket and you’ll spend less time shopping as a result. Some basic planning ahead can save you valuable time on hectic mornings where you always feel 5 minutes behind schedule.

If you can organise your space you will also save time. A well organised wardrobe makes it much easier to decide what to wear in the morning, while an organised kitchen makes it much easier to work out what you need to buy and saves you time in cooking.

With the fast-moving nature of modern society, we are often faced with an overwhelming number of decisions on daily basis. Limiting the amount of stressful decisions, you are forced to make by planning ahead is an easy and effective way to get more out of your daily routine.


Article by L Bikowski


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