5 Tips to Avoid Common Home Renovation Mistakes


As a homeowner, you take pride in your property, especially the aesthetics, but one day, you wake up and smell the coffee. Your bathroom begins to appear dirty beyond any cleaning remedy, plaster has started to fall off the walls or perhaps your kitchen is not the same as it was a year ago. All of this leads you to one conclusion – renovation. Letting experts handle your renovation project is the safest way out, but if you want to take the matter in your capable hands, you better be aware of the mistakes which most homeowners tend to make.

Here are 5 tips for you to avoid common home renovation mistakes:

Gauge the complexity of the project

DIY renovations have never been easy for anyone who doesn’t do it regularly.  You might be able to tell that the task is easy, just by looking at it, but I’m afraid if it actually is. When certain aspects of renovation unfold and you are now knee-deep in the complexity of the project, you start to realize that the job would have been best handled by professionals – too late for such realization. Therefore, it is advised to never test the depth of water with both feet. Take your time to go over every aspect that you will be handling and see to it if you can easily pull it off.

Plan a Budget

Mistakes, which are done around the budget, often lead to disappointment in the long run. Unless you are filthy rich, your renovation project should go along a set budget. After doing some maths, you will be able to come up with a certain amount, which might not be enough to suffice your project. So, it is really important to have contingency funds kept aside from the calculated budget generally between 10-20%. Poor budget planning may lead to a serious debt situation, which will loom around to haunt you for the next few months or even years.

Expect the unexpected

Renovation projects often come with a surprise element. There could be pest infestation behind the walls or a leaking pipe underneath the floor. You need to understand that this could happen and make sure that you have quick access to a plumber, electrician and pest control expert, just in case you need a helping hand. Also, accidents can happen or you could damage your property, and you will be the only one to blame. In a situation like these, make sure you have purchased owner builder insurance to cover all kinds of construction-related accidents.

Get the right tools up your sleeves

Whether rent or buy or borrow from your friendly neighbour, you must have the right tools in place before getting started with your project. Apart from the tools, it is also necessary to have safety gear, such as gloves, boots, safety glasses and helmet to keep yourself protected. A tool pouch can be strapped around the waist to add convenience to the job. A tool pouch is like an assistant that holds your tools while both your hands are engaged.

Do it in the right sequence

Doing things in the right sequence is the key to a successful renovation project. This may sound obvious but when it comes down to actually carrying out renovation, common sense leaves from the back door. Before getting started, prepare a list of things you are planning to do and then jot them down in the appropriate sequence. For instance, walls and ceilings should be handled first and floors should be left for the end.


Avoiding these renovation mistakes is really important, especially when there’s a lot of money riding on your project. Good luck with your DIY renovation project.


Article from A Hudes


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