Coleman VANQUISH™ Push 450 Lantern;a smart battery saving camping lantern


The Coleman Push 450 Lantern is a 450 Lumens Camping lantern suitable for outdoor use.


The camping lantern offers three light settings; high, low and flashing. I thought the high setting was perfect at night around dinner and the low setting is ideal when you want to reduce the light so that your children can sleep.


The Push 450 Lantern requires 3 x D batteries and according to Coleman will run for up to 330 hours on the low setting or 40 hours on the high setting. So, if you were off grid and ran it all night on high for 5 hours, you would get 8 nights before you needed to change the battery which is great. The light within the lantern is a Lifetime LED bulb.


I love the Battery lock; a battery saver idea. As we don’t go camping all the time, and often there are months in-between trips; it drives me insane, constantly having to replace dead batteries. The Battery Lock is designed to stop the batteries from being drained, and can easily be activated by twisting and locking the battery component in a specific way. If only all kid’s toys had this option!


The Coleman Push 450 Camping Lantern comes with a bail handle making it easy to hang wherever you want light, or to carry, if the children want to use it as the light to the bathroom. It has a rugged exterior and a 2 Metre impact resistance rating (dropped onto dirt) which is ideal when you are around children who quite often seem to knock things off tables or simply drop them. ?

The Lantern before it was turned on.


The Push 450 Lantern comes with a IPX4 rating which means that it offers protection from “a splash of water in any direction for up to 5 minutes”.  It also comes with a 12month warranty.


The Lantern once on

RRP: $59.99

Available from: All good camping stores


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