Petit Bamboo Children’s Clothing


Sometimes you just know. It could be the quietest whispering of words, it could be the smallest of touches, but you know immediately. That’s how I felt upon opening the Petit Bamboo items that I was lucky enough to receive to review with my beautiful little 4-month-old boy. As soon as I touched the fabric, I felt compelled to cuddle it! Designed in Australia, it’s so very soft, and that feeling of, well, quality!


Even the tags are soft and not at all sharp on the edges: I usually rip tags off as they feel so harsh for a baby’s skin. The material of Petit Bamboo garments is made from 95% Viscose Derived from Bamboo & 5% Elastane, and has an impressive amount of “stretch” in it. This is particularly good when it comes to the wrap, as it allows bub to wriggle and get himself comfortable without having rigidity that would almost certainly irritate him by not allowing him to move at all. I’ve also found that he breaks free of material that holds him tight in place without permitting movement. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the Petit Bamboo range. The material is thermal-regulating and naturally hypoallergenic, as well as being eco-friendly, making it a safe and sustainable choice of brands.


The ever so sweet Space pattern is desirable and calming. I love pastels on my baby, as not only can loud colours quickly aggravate and overwhelm babies when they have reached that point when they need to be put down for sleep, but I also feel calmer looking at them. I consider the pattern and colour to be gender neutral as both are soft and understated. There are several items available in each design too, making it so easy to put together a personalised gift pack or coordinating a set to suit your own little one.


petit-bamboo-childrens-clothing-reviewThe harem pants leave ample room for both disposable and reusable nappies. They are soft and were forgiving as bub kicked his legs around happily as I tried to dress him. The long sleeve top is the same, and features the fold-overs at the shoulder (allowing the shirt to be pulled down instead of over the head in the event of a nappy explosion). 😉 Bub was very happy to pull and feel the wrap beneath him, and later as I fed him to sleep he stroked his hand up and down over his top. It made my heart swell to see him so content!


I was quite impressed with the prices Petit Bamboo offer given their great quality. Shipping was reasonable, capped shipping price of $9.95 within Australia and free shipping when you spend over $60. Knowing how beautiful the Petit Bamboo products are, I sighed over many items in their gorgeous range online. Petit Bamboo receive a big thumbs up (and cuddle!) from this happy Mumma 🙂


Harem Pants in Blue: $24.95

Long Sleeve Blue Space Top: $24.95

Bamboo Baby Wrap – Space Blue: $34.95


petit-bamboo-childrens-clothing-reviewAll items are available through the Petit Bamboo website in a variety of colours & designs:


Reviewed by Sara Johnston 🙂

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