Couchmate’s Multi-Fit Couch Arm Table


Cleaning spilled tea from the couch in the evening is something I always have in the back of my mind as a possibility. Since having kids, we’ve sold our coffee table as frankly, it was more of a hazard than a help. From becoming a portable step for the kids, to simply being 4 extra corners for the kids to trip into, as well as being another piece of furniture that took up space, it simply wasn’t worth keeping. So, we solved many problems, but also created another, which is why I was very excited at the opportunity to review the Couchmate’s Multi-Fit Couch Arm Table.


The Couchmate’s Multi-Fit Couch Arm Table is designed to suit any couch arm up to the width of 500mm: this includes both round and square couch arms.


Included in the box when you purchase this clever device are a set of self-adhesive foam bumpers and special self-adhesive acrylic strips (to lock the Couchmate together). These mean that you can custom-fit your table to suit your lounge and your needs, whilst giving the Couch Arm Table the flexibility to bend where you need it to. The Couch Arm table is also felt-lined to protect the arm of your couch.


couchmate-couch-arm-table-reviewMade from bamboo and are available in 4 different stain variants: from Natural to Old Baltic (as shown), to Oak and Black Japan, the natural wood look means that it will slot into any decor without looking out of place. The first thing I noticed when removing the packaging was the deep, natural smell of wood. I love it; it just seems to bring it all together to create a natural, quality product! In addition to this, the packaging is made from recycled material, and Couchmate is a Tasmanian owned & operated business. Very impressive indeed!


Apart from being practical, I also find the Couch Arm Tables to be more convenient and desirable than a coffee table. Couchmate have provided a safe alternative which keeps hubby’s tea quite literally at his fingertips. This is definitely a huge advantage when you have young children in the house! It also saves my couch from rings from the bottom of the cup, as well as creating a flat space for writing for me (after hubby’s done using it) so I can still be with my family whilst working rather than sitting at the table in a different room.


couchmate-couch-arm-table-reviewIn my opinion, the Couchmate Couch Arm Table is an all-round excellent gift idea. It’s on the top of my list for the men in my life that I find it difficult to buy for!


RRP: $49.95


Available through


Reviewed by S Johnston, mother of 3 young boys.


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