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Unfortunately once you hit a certain size, the idea of Anti Chafing Shorts becomes appealing. Constantly considering “Can I wear this dress or might I be doing a bit of walking (meaning I need to wear long pants to prevent painfully chafed thighs)?” …Is a question I have asked myself countless times over the years: certainly, on a weekly basis AT LEAST! No matter what size clothing I wear, I have never had a thigh gap. It’s just my body shape, and it is one of my most hindering concerns when it comes to fashion. I love my summer dresses, and would love to be able to actually wear them in summer instead of in winter over tights because my legs chafe. It’s always been one of those issues that affect me often and yet I’ve always been quick to push it to the back of my mind and tell myself “that’s just the way it is”. Well I have just found out that it doesn’t have to be that way any longer!


Anti Chafing Shorts offer a practical underwear solution for women.


When I was introduced to Bridget’s’ anti chafing shorts…I thought: REVOLUTIONARY. They are soft, silky and most importantly comfortable undergarments. Designed in Australia, these shorts are made from 93% nylon & 7% spandex: and are lightweight & breathable. They are seamless, have inner thigh support for comfort, and best of all, they are machine-washable!


When I first removed my anti chafing shorts from their package, I was kind of psyching myself up in preparation to pull them on: the yanking, jumping, red face and stretching that I have encountered in the past trying to pull on pants (namely jeans ha-ha). Anyway, I put both feet in and pulled up to my knees, then pulled as hard as I could…and they easily slid up and into place. I was amazed. I decided to test them out on my Christmas shopping for our sons: the half day madness of running from one shop to another then back to the first one. I’d usually wear long pants and a blouse as that would mean I wouldn’t be walking like a sumo-wrestler by the end of the expedition, but in reality, I really don’t like pants! So, this year, I put on a pretty dress, pulled a belt around my waist and actually felt pretty as I set out for our shopping trip.


I noticed a few things within the first half hour of wearing my anti chafing shorts:

  • Firstly, they weren’t tight, or uncomfortable at all.
  • Secondly, they made absolutely no noise whatsoever when my thighs rubbed together.
  • Thirdly, I wasn’t in any pain at all! Without the need to constantly readjust, I quickly forgot about them and enjoyed shopping for our boys.

After wearing them pretty much all day, and with a lot of walking, the anti chafing shorts looked as good as new! No pilling between the legs, no bits of rubbed-fluff; nothing. Just silky-smooth fabric. I am in love!


bridgets-anti-chafing-shortsAccording to the Bridget’s’ website “Utilising advanced 3M moisture-wicking technology, Bridget’s’ luxurious anti chafing shorts are guaranteed to deliver a seamless, un-detectable fit that wicks away sweat instantaneously.”

The material really is unlike anything I’ve felt before. There are also no tags: the information is printed neatly on the inside of the waistband.


Available in both nude and black, these shorts  are likely to become a wardrobe staple for busy mums who have no time for thigh chafing! They are available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large. I am currently a size 12 and the Small/Medium is a great fit. Not even close to being too small, but also nowhere near being too big either. They truly would fit a range of sizes!


Bridget’s’ Anti Chafing Shorts are fantastic and literally life-changing! I love them and am looking forward to wearing skirts & dresses this summer. “Don’t sweat it!”


Try them today for only RRP $35 plus postage (or if you buy two there is free shipping) from:


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