Oddzeez Socks: the sock subscription reducing the pain around keeping socks in pairs


Anyone who has to wash knows the struggle with keeping socks in pairs is real!


I have 3 little boys and a husband all who wear at least 3 pairs of socks a day. By the time it comes to folding them into pairs my poor husband is lucky to get two that are the same colour or size let alone a true pair!


Introducing Oddzeez:  an online sock subscription retailer that specialises in quality men’s socks! I was given the awesome task of having my husband test out the Oddzeez socks. 6 pairs of Oddzeez socks arrived at our door and were quickly opened. Their colours were amazingly bright and the socks felt sooo soft, I could tell they were a great quality sock!


I handed them to my husband when he arrived home from work and he picked out a pair of yellow and blue patterned socks for work the next day. Fast forward 24 hours and he arrived home telling me how comfortable his new socks were and what a conversation starter they were with his work colleagues!


So, they passed the first hurdle – my husband likes the socks and is more than happy to wear them.


oddzeez-sock-subscription-reviewThe next test was the washing machine and the dreaded folding pile, and I am pleased to say that the Oddzeez socks passed with flying colours. As the Oddzeez brand is designed to create personable socks that are all a bit Odd; they are great for those wishing to reflect personality and bring a bit of life to an area that normally doesn’t go passed black, white or navy standard socks. So… back to the washing…; thanks to the philosophy behind the Oddzeez socks, it didn’t matter which ones are paired with which, making it a win for the husband and a win for me!


I like that the Oddzeez socks are made from 75 % combed cotton which is better for those men with sweaty feet and it also makes them more durable.


Better still, as hubby is not a huge shopper, the great thing with this company is that you can either buy the socks individually, in packs or you can arrange a sockscription. This means you can select the frequency (monthly, two monthly or quarterly) and the amount of socks you receive. The socks are delivered to your door free of any shipping costs. Perfect as a gift for dad, a gift to give mum a break from sock shopping and so much more.  Prices for the sock subscription start at $10 and go up to $36 and you can buy them individually as well for only $12 with no postage fee in Australia.


oddzeez-sock-subscription-reviewSo, if your husband likes something a little different to reflect the inner him; something a little more indulgent to enjoy the days a little more, whilst being super comfortable and solving an everyday laundry issue, consider looking at the Oddzeez socks and what they can do for your wardrobe.


Oddzeez Socks and Sock Subscriptions are available directly from www.oddzeez.com.au.


Reviewed by H Smee, mother of three lovely boys.


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