Basic Essentials for Backyard Camping


Backyard camping is an ideal way to dip your foot into the camping arena or to have products at home that are useful for ongoing fun, both when backyard camping, going on a camp with school or sleeping at friends place.


Listed below are the key backyard camping equipment we recommend:

Tent – get a tent that is the right size for your family. Generally, a 4-person tent doesn’t allow for space for luggage, so you may want to consider a bigger tent, unless you are only planning on backyard camping in which case the space for storage is not as important. The biggest factor to consider when choosing a tent is how easy it is to set up and take down.  Is this a tent for the family? For the children to do? For you to do quickly when you get a free night? What size will fit in your backyard?


Air Beds – Although certain campers will talk of sleeping on the ground, in reality I would prefer my bed or at least a comfortable mattress to the ground. Making sure you are comfortable will increase your likelihood of going backyard camping more often. The air beds can also be a worthwhile investment that can be used for sleepovers as your children get older.


Sleeping Bag. Although not essential for backyard camping (as you can just use your Doona), we have found that some sleepovers at friends request these, as do school camps, so it can be a worthwhile investment to create a more authentic experience. If you are considering purchasing a sleeping bag, consider the size of your children, where/when you will be using it, to determine the warmth rating you need, etc.


Lights – Getting some fun Torches or Lanterns for the children to enjoy while camping in the yard will authenticate the experience and allow them to play and enjoy having fun with. I think these are essential for camping, midnight toilet runs and games during the night.


Backyard games to enjoy. There really is no need to spend any money on these. Use your imagination and enjoy a game of backyard cricket, soccer, frisbee or tie up a line and create a game of limbo. Roasting marshmallows on an open fire is a great benefit of camping, so if you can, create a small fire pit, or use a chimenea, and roast marshmallows at night. When camping we love our walkie talkies, so if you have a little spare to spend on your backyard camping experience we think these are great outdoor toys that will get a lot of use.


We would love to hear what you think are the backyard camping essentials and which products you recommend.


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