Relax-A-Mate Premium Bath Shelf the ultimate way for mum to enjoy a little ‘me’ time


Be prepared to take your weekly bath relaxation routine to the next level with Couchmate’s Relax-A-Mate: The Premium Bath Shelf.


Made from natural bamboo and coated with varnish, the bath shelf is neutral to conform to a wide range of bathroom decor. It is extendable from 700mm up to 900mm to suit most baths. It does this by having a 700mm main shelf and two 100mm extensions that slip easily onto the wooden dowels on either side of the shelf. My bath is 800mm wide (I learnt something new today!) so I simply attached one of the extensions and it sat sturdily between the lip of the edge. It also has non-slip rubber underneath on both the extensions and the main shelf so no matter whether you’re using the extensions or not, it still won’t slip around.


My favourite feature of the Bath Shelf is probably the drink recess. It has a slot cut out to hold a wine glass securely, and also a recess to hold a glass bottle or tall glass of wine isn’t your thing. I found the use of the wine glass slot very useful as when the shelf is bumped, I didn’t have to worry about a top-heavy glass toppling into the bath! I also didn’t need to reach behind me to retrieve my glass from the corner of the bath.


What a great way to make a little bit of ‘me’ time for mums into an ultimate bath relaxation session.


In the centre of the bath shelf is a book support & slot: the backing is simply slotted in and is removable for easy storage. There is also an extra strip of wood at the front to stop your book/ magazine from slipping into the bath! I did find that a book with a heavy cover or a magazine worked best, as my other books all tried to close as soon as I let them go on the support. Or, an iPad would work perfectly: there’s even a slot for the iPad to rest in.


On the left of the book support is an extra recess section to safely hold a candle for some mood lighting: no more balancing candles around the edge of the bath, or harsh ceiling lights. And when it’s not in use, the bath shelf folds flat to store easily: I’ve placed mine standing behind the bathroom door so it’s not taking up any room at all!


couchmate-bath-shelf-reviewThe Relax-A-Mate premium bath shelf truly makes for a relaxing bath experience, and is a really lovely gift idea for a special someone in your life, or perhaps a lady you know that deserves some relaxation…


Available from: for RRP: $79.95 with free shipping!


If a drink in the bath is not your thing, yet you would love to enjoy a cuppa on the couch; Couchmate offer a Couch Arm Table to help stressed out mums enjoy their cup of tea, without the fear of it being tipped over. Read our Review of it.


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